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Drama Korea: Endless Love

Berikut adalah sinopsis film drama Korea berseri yang pernah ditayangkan di salah satu televisi swasta nasional dan digandrungi sekitar awal tahun 2000, Endless Love.

Episode 1 :
In this first episode, we are introduced to the wealthy Yun family, composed of father, mother, 17ish year old brother (Joon-Suh) and 14 year old sister (Eun-suh). Joon-Suh and Eun-Suh have a teasing, but very loving relationship, with big brother always taking care of younger sister. At school, Eun-Suh has a volatile relationship with Shin-ae, the smart but vile girl from the other side of the tracks.

The parents learn that Eun-Suh is not their biological daughter and meet Mrs. Choi, the Mother of their daughter. Mrs. Choi is a widowed, BattleAxe who runs an awful dump of a diner that only serves a grim stew and who struggles everyday to try to make ends meet; it's no wonder Shin-ae is as she is.

Mr and Mrs Yan struggle with what they should do next, trying to come to terms with the situation. Should they switch daughters? Should they tell their Eun-Suh? Should they meet Shin-ae?

At school, Joon-Suh makes a painting to accompany Shin-ae's poem, in exchange for Shin-ae leaving Eun-Juh alone. Poem and painting are displayed at a big gathering at the school. Here, the Yan family and the Choi family meet and the stark truth sits before us: Shin-ae is the Yan's true daughter and Eun-Juh is Mrs. Choi's biological daughter.

Episode 2 :

Mr and Mrs Yan have now seen their daughter for the first time and are brought ever-more into Mrs. Choi's life. They discover that her husband is dead and that her son is a thug. Is that the environment for their biological daughter? While Mr. Yan reaches out to Shin-ae, going as far as buying her a stuffed animal, Mrs. Yan willfully refuses to open up. For Mrs Choi, life is not easy and realizing that her daughter is not her own, brings her own pitiful state more starkly into view.
The tension between the girls escalates when the girls learn the truth. And by the end, the girls switch positions as Shin-ae desperately wants to leave her hard life and Eun-Suh knows that she must go to her real mother.

Episode 3 :

Eun-suh is now CHOI Eun-Suh and Shin-ae is now firmly entrenched as YOON Shin-ae as the girls begin life in their new homes. For Shin-ae, life is difficult being in the shadow of beloved Eun-suh and thus she lashes out; for Eun-suh, she faces her life with a Cinderella-ish optimism and warmth.
For Mr and Mrs Yoon, the emotional struggles continue. Mr Yoon has agreed to take a position in the United States and the familiy will be moving there, taking Joon-Suh and Shin-ae, but they cannot bear the thought of "abandoning Eun-suh in that awful place." Mrs. Yoon meets with Mrs. Choi and asks to take and raise Eun-suh. Mrs. Choi agrees, but Eun-suh won't go. She knows she must stay with her mother and must let the Yoons go.

It's now 9 years later and an adult Joon-suh returns. He's about to have his engagement party where he formally introduces Yumi, a fellow artist he met in the United States, as his fiancee. First, he wants to find his long-lost "sister", Eun-suh, but she's moved several times since and there's no finding her. Instead, he meets up with his old friend, Tae-suhk.
Tae-suhk is the wealthy, good-for-nothing, lazy son of the Hotel Owner; he's also engaging, vivacious, charismatic, and fun. He's the William Holden character in SABRINA and he's been banished to run the hotel (the duties which he suitably ignores).

Episode 4 :

Adult Joon-suh continues to search for Eun-suh, but also must prepare for the Engagement Party.
CHOI Eun-suh works at the Hotel as a phone operator and is having continual monetary troubles. She still lives with her mother, who now runs a little corner shop. ****ther, they eke out a bare living.
Tae-Suhk (who runs the Hotel) meets Eun-suh and falls for her immediately, although his bet efforts to woo her prove more repellant than anything else. But he's not going to give up and has her transfered to HouseCleaning as a maid... as HIS maid.
Joon-suh continues to seek her out, but is on the verge of giving up.

Episode 5 :

The Beach was an old favorite place for Joon-suh and Eun-suh. Joon-suh and Yumi go there and surprisingly find Tah-suhk there. Eun-suh spies them and runs to greet Joon-suh in an emotional reunion.
It's awkward for Joon-suh and Eun-suh, getting to know each other again after all these years. More strangers than siblings, they struggle with how to act with each other and how to feel about each other. In addition, it's difficult for them to quite explain their relationship, especially to Yumi, so they introduce each other as cousins.
As Eun-suh's homelife gets worse and worse, she goes to her Brother for comfort and Joon-Suh takes her in

Episode 6 :

YOON Shin-ae, the former Choi daughter, returns after completing her MBA in America. She's successful, beautiful and has everything. It's an awkward reunion between Eun-suh and her. They are civil and polite, but Shin-ae's animosity is obvious.
Joon-suh and Eun-suh grow more and more comfortable with each other and the bonds they had as youths is returning.
Yumi can feel Joon-suh slipping away and she won't let that happen.
Tae-Suhk continues to try to win over Eun-suh, going so far as to affect change in his life: he's trying to be a better person. Shin-ae's affections for Tae-Suhk are not easily hidden and her machinations to get rid of Eun-suh begin.

Episode 7 :

Eun-suh and Tae-suhk are now a couple. Tae-suhk has turned over a new leaf, taking on the responsibilities of running the hotel, and dotes on Eun-suh.
Joon-suh and Yumi's relationship takes a turn. Yumi knows Joon-suh doesn't love her, but yet refuses to give him up.
The Yoon parents arrive to visit Joon-suh and have a tearful reunion with Eun-suh. Shin-ae, feeling rejected yet again, runs off and ends up in a less-pleasant reunion with her own former-mother.
Eun-suh decides to move into the Hotel's dormitory, but Shin-ae has secretly excluded her from the candidate list. Eun-suh's mother refuses to let her back home, for her own good. With nowhere else to go, she ends up ...

Episode 8 :
Joon-suh and Eun-suh take a trip to a cabin ****ther, lying to their fiancees about where they're going. But it rains and they are stranded there overnight. Joon-suh and Eun-suh have a heart-to-heart. Meanwhile, aware of the deceit, Yumi and Tae-suhk try to come to terms with Joon-suh and Eun-suh's relationship, each in his/her own way. On the return, everyone lives with the lie, but the secret is out.
Tae-suhk goes to Eun-suh's mother (Mrs. Choi) to ask for permission to marry her daughter. Mrs. Choi, afraid that the Han family would disapprove of her, asks the Yoons to take Eun-suh back. The Yoons decide to adopt Eun-suh, which causes Shin-ae grief. She responds by exposing Joon-suh's and Eun-suh's relationship. 

Episode 9 :
Joon-suh and Eun-suh run away ****ther, ending up at a ranch where Eun-suh and her mother (choi) lived for a time. As Yumi and Tae-suhk go frantic looking for them, Joon-suh and Eun-suh's relationship grows stronger until finally Joon-suh proposes to Eun-suh.
On her birthday, after a phone call to tell her Mother that she's ok, Eun-suh suddenly develops a nosebleed. Tae-suhk finds them and brings them home. When they return, Joon-suh and Eun-suh announce to everyone their intention to get married.

Episode 10 :
Now that the relationship is out in the open, Eun-suh officially and unquestionably breaks up with Tae-suhk, which sends him spiraling out of control. Meanwhile, Eun-suh's natural mother encourages her to give up on Joon-suh and allow herself to be adopted by the Yoon family.
The conflict between Joon-suh and his father increases.
Yumi attempts suicide, slicing her right (drawing) wrist. Though she survived, her use of her hand may never be 100% again. The guilt overwhelms both Joon-suh and Eun-suh.
Guilt-ridden, Joon-suh returns to Yumi's side, helping her recover; Eun-suh gives her blessing and leaves Joon-suh.
Unbeknownst to Joon-suh, Eun-suh gets mysteriously ill.

Episode 11:
Joon-suh memutuskan untuk meninggalkan Yumi agar dapat bersama dengan Eun-suh, orangtua kandung Joon-suh (ayahnya) khawatir akan hubungan Joon-suh dan Eunsuh sehingga ia mendatangi Eun-suh untuk meminta Eun-suh meninggalkan Joon-Suh. Joon-suh yang tau akan hal itu marah dengan ayahnya.
Dilain sisi, Yumi mencoba bunuh diri, Joon-suh merasa bersalah. Eunsuh yang melihat keadaan seperti itupun akhirnya memutuskan untuk tidak berhubungan lagi dengan Joon-Suh.
Tae-Suhk semakin bersifat kejam kepada Eun-suh karena ia masih merasa sakit hati. Saat berbicara dengan Tae-Suhk,Eun-Suh pingsan, Tae-Suhk panik dan memberitahu keadaan Eun-Suh kepada Joon-Suh tentang keadaan Eun-Suh.
Namun, Joon-Suh yang berjanji pada Yumi tidak datang untuk melihat keadaan Eun-Suh. Melihat hal itu, Tae-Suhk menjadi kasihan dengan keadaan Eun-Suh..

Episode 12 :
Eun-Suh dirawat dengan ditemani oleh Te-Suhk. Disisi lain Joon-Suh juga sebenarnya merasa khawatir. Namun ia tidak dapat menemani Eun-Suh. Tae-Suhk pun menanyakan kepada Joon-Suh mengapa ia tidak datang menjenguk Eun-Suh yang sedang sakit.
Eun-Suh menyatakan kalau ia sebenarnya sudah tidak berhubungan lagi dengan Joon-Suh. Mengetahui hal itu, Tae-Suhk sikap Tae-Suhk berubah kembali menjadi baik terhadap Eun-Suh, karena mengetahui kesedihan yang Eun-Suh rasakan.
Joon-Suh mengadakan pameran lukisan di tempat Eun-Suh bekerja. Pada saat pameran, Eun-Suh datang bersama Tae-Suhk, Ibu Yumi yang tidak suka dengan keadaan Eun-Suh, memarahi Eun-Suh.
Diperjalanan pulang, Eun-Suh jatuh pingsan...

Episode 13:
Paginya, Eun-Suh sudah terbaring di Rumah Sakit dan diberitahukan kalau ia mengidap penyakit kanker darah. Eun-Suh pun shock ia teringat bahwa ayah kandungnyapun meninggal akibat penyakit yang sama dengannya. Eun-suh bertanya kepada dokternya bagaimana cara untuk menyembuhkan penyakitnya itu, dokter menyarankan untuk dioperasi, namun hal itu memakan biaya yang cukup besar. Eun-Suh mengetahui bahwa kondisi keuangan keluarganya.
Keesokan harinya, Eun-Suh mendengar kalau ia baru saja dipecat atas perintah Tae-Suhk, Eun-Suh mendatangi Tae-Suhk dan memohon untuk tidak dipecat karena ia sedang membutuhkan banyak uang. Tae-Suh merasa aneh dengan sikap Eun-Suh, karena selama ini Eun-Suh selalu terlihat sombong terhadapnya tetapi saat ini Eun_suh malah memohon kepadanya.
Dengan tidak sengaja, Tae-Suhk menemukan obat kanker Eun-Suh yang terjatuh, dan akhirnya Tae-Suhk mengetahui bahwa Eun-Suh mengidap penyakit kanker darah. Mengetahui hal itu, Tae-Suhk berniat menemani & membantu biaya Eun-Suh untuk menyembuhkan penyakitnya. Eun-Suh menyetujuinya, tapi dengan syarat tidak ada satupun keluarganya mengetahui bahwa ia mengidap suatu penyakit.

Episode 14:
Tae-Suhk meminta izin kepada Joon-Suh untuk membawa Eun-Suh pergi dengan alasan ingin menikahinya (padahal ingin menemani penyembuhan penyakit Eun-Suh). Dengan berat hati, Joon-Suh merelakannya, Eun-Suh yang tahu umur yang tidak panjang meminta Joon-Suh untuk menemani waktu-waktu terakhirnya, tapi Joon-Suh menolak karena teringat akan janjinya pada Yumi.
Tae-Suhk sudah menemukan Rumah Sakit yang cocok untuk Eun-Suh diluar Seoul dan meminta Eun-Suh untuk menjalani perawatan agar ia dapat menjalani hidupnya.
Eun-Suhpun berpamitan kepada seluruh keluarganya dengan alasan bekerja diluar Seoul.

Episode 15:
Joon-Suh yang merindukan Eun-Suh, pergi ke tempat kenangan ia bersama Eun-Suh. Eun-Suh telah menjalani pemeriksaan penyakitnya ditemani Tae-Suhk, Eun-Suh harus menjalani tindakan pencakokkan sum-sum tulang belakang.
Tae-Suhk kebingungan mencari donor yang cocok. Akhirnya ia kembali ke Seoul untuk memberitahu keadaan yang sesungguhnya kepada keluarga Eun-suh. Ibu kandung Eun-suh panik, lalu ia memberitahu Ibu angkat Eun-Suh untk membantu biaya perobatan Eun-Suh.
Dilain sisi, Eun-suh bertemu dengan Joon-Suh, tetapi dipertemuan tersebut Eun-suh tidak memberitahu tentang penyakitnya.

Episode 16 :
Seluruh anggota keluarga mulai mencari donor sum-sum tulang belakang yang cocok untuk Eun-Suh. Mengetahui hal itu, Yumi meminta maaf kepada Eun-suh dengan sikapnya selama ini kepada Eun-suh.
Penyakit Eun-Suh semakin parah, ia sampai harus dilarikan ke rumah sakit. Yumi memberitahu Joon-Suh keadaan Eun-suh yang sebenarnya. Joon-Suh pun panik dan langsung berlari ke Rumah Sakit tempat Eun-Suh dirawat.
Sampai disana Joon-Suh mengetahui bahwa Eun-Suh sedang koma...

Episode 17:
Eun-Suh pun sudah terbangun dari komanya, lalu ia meminta Joon-Suh untuk membawanya pergi dari rumah sakit. Dokter dan keluarganya akhirnya mengizinkan mereka berdua pergi. Eun-Suh pun dirawat sendiri oleh Joon-Suh.
Kenangan-kenangan Eun-Suhpun diingat oleh Tae-Suhk.

Episode 18:
Kondisi badan Eun-Suh saat ini semakin parah, seluruh keluarganyapun semakin khawatir. Eun-Suh meminta Joon-Suh untuk memfoto dirinya dan ia juga meminta bertemu dengan seluruh kerabat untuk makan bersama.
Joon-Suh yang tidak ingin Eun-Suh sendirian, ia berfikir unutk menemani Eun-Suh untuk pergi selama-lamanya dengan cara bunuh diri. Hal itu diketahui Eunsuh, dan Eun-suh pun berhasil melarang Joon-Suh untuk tidak melakukannya.
Malam harinya, Joon-Suh membuat pesta pernikahan mereka sendiri dihalaman rumahnya...
Keesokan paginya, Joon-Suh dan Eun-Suh pergi ke pantai, dan disana Eunsuhpun pergi untuk selama-lamanya...


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